Revisit: 2016

I know it isn’t here yet. You may be thinking, ‘how can you revisit something that hasn’t even come yet?’ It’s true that you can’t revisit something you haven’t first visited. But you have visited it before. Just because the date on the calendar says it isn’t 2016, doesn’t mean you haven’t thought about it.… Continue reading Revisit: 2016

Holidays · Things I Learned

Things I learned: 2015+December

This is basically an equivalent to Emily P. Freeman’s ‘What I Learned’. These are things I’ve learned in December as well as throughout the whole year. I know we still have some time left before the year ends, but I wanted to take time to be thankful for this year and the things it has taught… Continue reading Things I learned: 2015+December


Revisit Your Christmas List

Do you dread making that list every year? I know that most of us probably enjoy listing things we want, but I honestly dread it, and I don’t know exactly why. I guess stating things I want seems selfish. I mean, one thing is okay, two things maybe. But when it gets longer, I feel… Continue reading Revisit Your Christmas List


For Your Christmas

Christmas is coming up fast and I noticed more and more people were posting about gift ideas and things to do for Christmas. So, I decided to do that myself. Here are some things to make your Christmas more special: 1. Chris Tomlin’s New Album “Adore” This album is something special. It isn’t just Christmas… Continue reading For Your Christmas


Revisit Your Time

I recently noticed how much I use up my time doing unproductive things. I do it a lot. Wasting time happens to be one of my most skilled areas, and I recently read a snippet from Claire Diaz-Ortiz’s book The Better Life on quitting bad habits and how Bob Goff has Quit Thursday where he… Continue reading Revisit Your Time