Quote Of The Year

Quote of the Year

You know how people pick one word that encompasses their whole year, one word to center the upcoming year, to help them make better choices? Well, this year, since I couldn’t pick just one word that I want to describe the whole year, I decided to start with a quote instead. I think I’ll do this next year, but I’m not entirely sure. I like the idea of a quote. One word seems to small to describe what the year will encompass, what my choices will be centered upon, or how my year will play out. So, I’ve chosen a quote from one of the books I’m currently reading. I’m sure you’ve heard of Elizabeth Gilbert and her newest book Big Magic. If you haven’t, check it out because this girl is an awesome person sharing her creative tips and tricks, which happen to also be quite awesome.

Now, before I share it, I know you are going to think of this as past tense, someone looking back rather than looking forward. In a way it is, but this quote also encompasses something I really want to do this year, which is savoring life. I don’t do enough of it and last year was full of great things, so this year will probably be too. But I don’t want to just look back to savor it, I also want to look forward and into the present. I want to do more with what I already have, savor more of what already is, and accept the gifts God has already given me. I want to put them to good use in my life, give back more, indulge more in the things that matter than the things that don’t.

So, without further ado, here is the quote:

“It’s all kind of amazing-what we get to do, what we get to attempt, what we sometimes get to commune with.”

This quote reminds me to savor because it reminds me of what God has already given me. He’s given me talents like no one else, given me new opportunities to give Him glory and do that in creative ways, and given me the opportunity of communing with many different things. Maybe it’s a friend that’ll only be there for a season, or an idea only meant to be used for one purpose, but whatever it is, I get to commune and have an experience that is different from any other experience I’ll ever have because life never happens the exact same way twice. She reminds me to have thanksgiving for the things I’ve already gotten the privilege to do, look with hope ahead to the things that are not-yet, and to savor the glory of the moment at hand.

All in all, I hope this quote will sum up my year. I hope that even if this year goes badly (it probably won’t all go bad, but still), this quote can still stir up something inside me. Thanksgiving. Hope. Living well in the present.

What quote inspired last year for you? Or maybe it’s a word? What quote or word would you want to sum up this year on December 31st 2016?


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