Things I Learned

Things I Learned: February 2016

February was a good month for me. I learned a lot about God, Lent, Narnia, Microsoft Word, and media. So, without further ado, here are the things I learned in February: Free Website Grader (!) I first found out about this through Amy Lynn Andrews’ fantastic Useletter (newsletter with resources for the everyday blogger; it’s… Continue reading Things I Learned: February 2016


Loving Others The Way We Ought To

Loving others. It’s one of the prime commandments. Love your neighbor. Love the people around you. Love others. And yet it seems so hard to love people sometimes. Maybe it’s because they’ve wronged you or one way or another offended you. Maybe it’s because you’re not sure about loving them and what position that will… Continue reading Loving Others The Way We Ought To


God’s Love-Why Our World Needs An Outbreak

We need God. As I’m going through lent, I’m learning that more and more. For the first time in my life, I’m really learning about just how deep His grace goes, that it truly never ends. This season, I’m fasting from perfection. I’m fasting from the pressure I put myself under because I believe I… Continue reading God’s Love-Why Our World Needs An Outbreak


How God Loves Us…Let Me Count The Ways

Today is Valentines Day, and so I thought it would be fun to focus on the ways God loves us, and it might be even more special since it is the Sabbath. God loves us so much, and He shows that love in a multitude of ways. Today, let’s take the time to thank the… Continue reading How God Loves Us…Let Me Count The Ways


Love in the Waiting

Today is the first day of lent. It is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of a new and beautiful season of repentance, thanksgiving, and ultimately, great love. So, the beginning of lent, what does it mark? Love in the waiting. Christmas was one great beginning, a mark of love come down, the promise of ages fulfilled.… Continue reading Love in the Waiting


Love and Our Identity as Christians

What does love have to do with our identities as sons and daughters of Christ? Well, everything actually. Love is God, and God is love. Salvation is possible because of the love of God. The love of God is more important than any other virtue we can possibly imagine. Love is everything. And if we… Continue reading Love and Our Identity as Christians