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Weekend Links: April 30th

These links are for those internally unstable, the ones who need reassurance in their faith of humanity, and for those who are fans of Sarah Bessey. The Truth About The Soul Bullies by Leeana Tankersley for Blog Every time we believe our destiny is to basically just suck, then we buy into those Soul Bullies. And… Continue reading Weekend Links: April 30th

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Things I Learned: April 2016

I learned a lot this month-about blogging, life, journaling, God, emotions, and much more. Thanks for letting me share part of my life with you guys-and I hope you find this as special as I do. So, without further ado, here they are: The Power of Knowing Yourself This month was a big change for… Continue reading Things I Learned: April 2016

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The Metaphor In The Bench

Today my father took apart a bench because it was cracked, and he intended to restore it. When I came over to see it all in pieces, taken apart, I felt sad for the piece of wood that had to be replaced, like it could’ve been fine even if it was broken and uncomfortable. I’m… Continue reading The Metaphor In The Bench

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Rediscover The Kingdom Of God

I just feel like this is what God is calling me to today, so here is what God is saying to me today, during this season. This is how He’s beginning to crack open the door to a full life for me, a new season. A season of voyage and discovery, a lying down and… Continue reading Rediscover The Kingdom Of God


Weekend Links

Today’s reads are for the compassionate, the hurting, the mother who needs to pause for a moment, and the ones welcoming people to the world. Aftershock by Calvin Martin for Flower Path Farmgirl Visiting Ecuador was a life changing trip and I really enjoyed it. Well today, about 2 months after we got back, I… Continue reading Weekend Links

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It’s Okay

Recently I watched a Ted Talk by BrenĂ© Brown on vulnerability. In it, she talks about emotional pain, hiding, and numbing. She talks about how we sometimes numb ourselves from connection because we don’t believe we are worthy of it, and so we avoid vulnerability in order to not be hurt. But in the process,… Continue reading It’s Okay


It’s Going To Be Ok

Today is another day of waiting. It’s another day of watching, wondering. Today, like the many days before this, I stand on the shore of my soul, ready to embark on a journey. I’m packed, but the ship hasn’t arrived just yet. I don’t know when it’s going to, and as the tide keeps getting… Continue reading It’s Going To Be Ok