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A Prayer For Orlando

Oh Lord,

I don’t know what to say,

I don’t know what to do,

all I know to do is pray, pray for your children.

For the lives affected by this terrible terror,

I pray for your peace to be lavished upon them.

May they be flooded with serenity,

the peace that passes all understanding,

the peace that only you can give.

For the families of the victims,

I pray you bring justice,

I pray that you be with them in their mourning,

may you comfort them Lord.

For the victims still in the hospital,

I pray you provide them counseling,

for you are the Great Counselor.

May you provide for them,

give them the medical attention that they need,

give them the therapy that they need.

Thank you Lord,

for being the Prince of Peace,

I pray that you flood them with it,

may you give them rivers of peace,

may you meet them exactly where they are,

may you hold them in your arms, Lord.

Thank you for teaching us that Love is greater than hate,

that darkness never prevails,

that even death is defeated by You.

May everyone affected by this attack know your Love, Lord,

May their hearts be flooded with your Love,

May they know that your Love is stronger than anything that could ever come their way.

In Jesus’ name,


Personally, I wish I could pray for everyone affected by this attack. I wish I could go to them and hold their hands, tell them that the Lord is with them in their mourning. But since I am not able to do that, I just wanted to send a prayer their way. May the Lord be with you, Orlando. May you overflow with Love and Peace.



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