Who I Am

I am a christian woman looking to get closer to God and know Him more. I love writing, so I thought that blogging would be something that I may take interest in. I really want to get a community full of women who are passionate about the Lord and want to spread the gospel by using their God-given gifts and talents. I’m writing honestly about my life so that maybe my stories will change something in your life or inspire you to get closer to Jesus. I believe that it’s important to wear my heart on my sleeve because even if I am a mess, my mess can be used to help others and save others, so I hope you enjoy and maybe learn a few things, or be inspired to share your own stories.

The Reason I Write

I write for identity. Not for my identity. But to know and learn and share more about the identity of Christians. As His Children, we are set apart. So let’s live like we are.

Let’s share the gospel not out of a voice of ‘should’ but because we are children who adore their Father and want to spread the news about Him because of the good He’s done in our lives. Let’s revisit life with a new perspective, one that brings Him glory rather than glorifies ourselves. Let’s live for a higher purpose, something we believe in wholeheartedly and want to lay our lives down for.

Let’s dare to live fully awake to our identity as children of the King.



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