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Emotions Anonymous has meant a lot to me these past few weeks, specifically, this week. It has given me the space to start moving, shaking, growing. It has been a safe haven even when I don’t feel safe anywhere. Most of all, it has brought my attention to my behavior and the way I feel/treat… Continue reading Surrender

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The Holy Art Of Being Done

Today I decided I am done. Just last night, I thought of how far I’ve come, and I thought of the things that I am still doing that aren’t worth doing anymore. I thought, “I can’t go on like this. I just can’t do this anymore.” What is this, you ask? This is the way… Continue reading The Holy Art Of Being Done

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The Thing That Is Saving My Life Right Now

I need to talk to you about what is saving my life right now-partially to give credit to Leeana Tankersley for waking me up to a need in my soul, and partially because it’s changing my life, and maybe it’ll change yours. The other day, I started reading Leeana Tankersley’s second book, Breathing Room, and… Continue reading The Thing That Is Saving My Life Right Now

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A Spacious Place

Have you ever felt like there was no room to be? Have you ever felt like you had to put on a mask and pretend your way through life? Have you ever wanted to stay in that mask forever? Has that mask become a place of retreat rather than an odd occurrence? Has it become… Continue reading A Spacious Place

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Things I Learned: April 2016

I learned a lot this month-about blogging, life, journaling, God, emotions, and much more. Thanks for letting me share part of my life with you guys-and I hope you find this as special as I do. So, without further ado, here they are: The Power of Knowing Yourself This month was a big change for… Continue reading Things I Learned: April 2016