When You Don’t Know Who You Are

I had an identity crisis a while ago. It led me to write a book I knew nothing about at first, and it also led me to get a better understanding of who I am and how I should live. Today I wanted to talk to the people who don’t know who they are, the… Continue reading When You Don’t Know Who You Are


Weekend Links

Today’s links are for those in the thick of it, the middle of the journey, those who want to organize, and those who feel like you’re lost in life. When It Appears That All Is Lost by Alyssa Delossantos for (in)courage After a little more discourse regarding process, she explained how it’s easy to get lost… Continue reading Weekend Links

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The Thing That Is Saving My Life Right Now

I need to talk to you about what is saving my life right now-partially to give credit to Leeana Tankersley for waking me up to a need in my soul, and partially because it’s changing my life, and maybe it’ll change yours. The other day, I started reading Leeana Tankersley’s second book, Breathing Room, and… Continue reading The Thing That Is Saving My Life Right Now

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A Spacious Place

Have you ever felt like there was no room to be? Have you ever felt like you had to put on a mask and pretend your way through life? Have you ever wanted to stay in that mask forever? Has that mask become a place of retreat rather than an odd occurrence? Has it become… Continue reading A Spacious Place

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Weekend Links: April 30th

These links are for those internally unstable, the ones who need reassurance in their faith of humanity, and for those who are fans of Sarah Bessey. The Truth About The Soul Bullies by Leeana Tankersley for Blog Every time we believe our destiny is to basically just suck, then we buy into those Soul Bullies. And… Continue reading Weekend Links: April 30th

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Things I Learned: April 2016

I learned a lot this month-about blogging, life, journaling, God, emotions, and much more. Thanks for letting me share part of my life with you guys-and I hope you find this as special as I do. So, without further ado, here they are: The Power of Knowing Yourself This month was a big change for… Continue reading Things I Learned: April 2016